3 Great Reasons to Change Careers

There comes a time in every life when you have to make some kind of career change. Sometimes what a person chooses in their twenties is just not the best option for them in their thirties or forties! The amazing thing is, that’s OK. You can get continuing education and switch careers at any point in your life! So what are some reasons you might want to change your career?

You’re Not Doing What You Want To Do

Everybody doesn’t like their job, sometimes, but if your dislike is deeper than a day, a month, or a decade, it might be time to consider a switch. Sometimes it’s easiest to determine what you would like to have in a career by discussing what you do not like about what you are doing, or have done in the past. It’s ok to prefer not being an office worker or to prefer blue-collar work. It’s ok to want to work with your hands or prefer not to.

Your Current Job is Dangerous

If you have a dangerous job and are having second thoughts, that’s a valid reason for concern as well. Many jobs might feel exciting (or the pay might seem exciting) as a single individual starting, which might not suit you as you are older, or if you have a family to support, as well. It’s ok to have those changes in your world which need a switch. There are many dangers, besides death or disability, which can happen at varying worksites across the country and which might affect your ability to do a job as well. Hearing loss, for example, is the third most common chronic condition in the United States.

You Need to Adjust for Disability

There are lots of reasons for job changes, and it’s really important to recognize that sometimes our abilities and bodies change. This doesn’t make you a failure in any way—in fact, it’s both emotionally and physically intelligent of you to realize that whether it’s your brain or the rest of your body, sometimes you need a new path. You can find the way to success with the tools you have.  

There are so many options for continuing education and getting continued certifications as adults! There’s hope that you can find something that works for you. Your goal is something that can provide for your needs, but also be tolerable to your soul. Those jobs are out there!

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