3 Relaxing Activities That Are Better Outdoors

The fall is coming, and the heat of summer is slowly leaving, with pleasant weather headed towards your doorstep. Now that you won’t pass out from 115 degree noontimes, there’s a lot more options for outdoor fun! What are some relaxing activities which are much better outdoors?


If you have a soft and comfortable chair or hammock, there is no better time to lie back and enjoy a book! Even better, so many perfect fall reads have just come onto the market, as Esquire points out. Whether you like mysterious stories or uplifting ones (or both), a little biography or educational fare, or something supernatural, there are excellent options which have just reached the marketplace. There’s nothing like losing yourself in the smell of a new book and the story it holds (or, of course, using an e-reader)!


The art of Yoga doesn’t need to be connected with religious practice, but is an excellent form of meditation exercise all on its own. According to Beyond Yoga, yoga is great for disconnecting from technology and social media. It’s particularly great for helping isolate specific muscles and magnificent for increasing lung power. Try an outdoor class, or play a routine on your phone. While there are special exercise bands, blocks, and mats available, they aren’t necessary. Yoga has been practiced anciently without any special accoutrement, and is still just as viable today.

Take in a Show

While indoor activities and experiences might be more dicey because of the Delta variant, going to outdoor theaters, drive-in movies, and other entertainment is still possible! Taking the precautions you need and avoiding packed areas, it is still possible for those vaccinated to mask up and enjoy amphitheaters and other outdoor theatrical locations as well. Having been starved for extremely great live theater and acts. Live performers have been just as anxious to begin work again! Check out what theater companies near you have found ways to perform safely, and go support the arts!

It can be frustrating to still practice safety during this new wave of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new, read something amazing, or view great movies and plays. It just means you need to practice doing so safely, just like last year. Finding ways to get both your entertainment in, exercise done, and learning accomplished while also enjoying a little extra sunshine in the cooler weather is even better! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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