A new and improved Hoyt Arboretum

A new and improved Hoyt Arboretum 
HAF4(Portland, OR) –Hoyt Arboretum Friends and Portland Parks & Recreation recently announced the completion of a multi-year, $115,000 signage project in PP&R’s Hoyt Arboretum.
Visitors now enjoy 269 new way-finding signs, 11 map panels, 20 interpretive panels and 10,000 complimentary maps to take with them.
The improved way-finding signs allow visitors to easily navigate Hoyt Arboretum’s 12 miles of trails, while new interpretive panels educate visitors about the arboretum’s diverse collection of trees from around the world.
“The way-finding signs and educational panels reflect the vision of Hoyt Arboretum Friends: to educate visitors and provide enriching experiences through meaningful improvements to Hoyt Arboretum,” says Peggie Schwarz, Executive Director of Hoyt Arboretum Friends, a non-profit group dedicated to the stewardship and celebration of Hoyt Arboretum.
The new interpretive signs include scientific and practical information about specific tree collections, including identifying characteristics, photos, global locations and each species’ role in the ecosystem. The colorful panels have been designed for both children and adults to learn about Hoyt Arboretum’s trees in a simple and fun way.
Hoyt Arboretum (4000 SW Fairview Blvd) is Portland’s museum of living trees and encompasses 187 ridge-top acres, accessible by 21 trails covering 12 miles. More than 6,000 specimens from around the world grow here, including more than 1,400 species of which 63 are vulnerable or endangered.
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