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Activities to Do When You Stay at a Cabin the Mountains

There really is nothing quite like getting away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. When you temporarily rent a cabin for a week or month, there is so much that you can see or do in the surrounding area! And it’s all beautiful. Here are some activities to get you started.

Ride ATVs

When you take an ATV tour, not only are you enjoying the fantastic nature that the mountains have to offer, but you’re doing it on top of a powerful machine that can take you speedily over difficult terrain. That makes it far easier (and more fun!) to navigate your nature trails. Make sure that you have an experienced ATV guide to help you stay safe. Or, if you are using your own ATVs, make sure that you take all of the necessary safety precautions; helmets, radios, basic survival equipment, and a first-aid kit are a must. Don’t take any unnecessary risks! ATV trips can turn from lighthearted fun to disaster after a moment of inattention.

Go Fishing

This classic, low-energy pastime is the ideal way to unwind and become closer to nature. Find out what bodies of water – rivers, lakes, creeks – are close to the cabin. Also make sure to research what kinds of fish, if any, are legal to fish out of said body of water. Before you leave you should have procured a fishing license (which is quite easy to get), an appropriate fishing pole, and the corresponding bait and tackle. Let yourself go fishing without anything else planned. Relax. Use this time to just think and gather what you can for a fish grill later that night. Make sure you bring a cooler to store the fish on ice so they don’t spoil.


If you take the same basic safety precautions as you would with ATVs, there’s no reason why you can’t just wander around the woods. You’ve got to be responsible, of course – educate yourself on the local flora and fauna. Know if you need to avoid poison oak, thistles, wasps, mountain lions, or bears. Keep an eye out and know how to react to a given dangerous species. Don’t stray so far from the cabin that you become lost; regardless, carry a compass or GPS just in case. The total freedom that comes with exploration should be invigorating!

The truth is that there are innumerable things you could do at a cabin in the mountains. Go hiking, go hot tubbing, do some wood carving, make a fire, grill some fresh food – the possibilities are endless. It’s all between you and mother earth.

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