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Auatralia's Best Secret Beaches

Australia is known around the world for its beautiful cities, rich native culture, and stunning landscapes teeming with exotic indigenous wildlife. It is also known for its beaches. Indeed, a country where surfing is a national sport is bound to have some pristine beaches, and it is just these idyllic stretches of coast that draw hordes of tourists year after year.
A beach holiday in Australia is certainly something to remember, and there are many well-worn spots on the Australian map that would make for the perfect getaway. But as worthwhile as the popular beaches are, there are a number of lesser-known beaches that are the secret jewels in the crown of Australia’s famous coastline. Here are just a few.
Springs Beach, Queensland
The state of Queensland is known for many natural wonders, not the least of which is the Great Barrier Reef just off its coastline. Springs Beach is in front of the same electric-blue waters that are home to the largest coral reef in the world. Springs Beach lies just south of the sleepy seaside town of Agnes Water and is a must-visit for swimmers and boarders alike, as it has some prime breaks.
Boulder Bay, Morton Island, Queensland
Those who travel the footpath from the Cape Morton lighthouse will eventually wind up at the secluded Boulder Bay. The windswept beaches and crystalline waters are something to behold, and the enjoyment is only heightened by the fact that, for most visitors, it is as private a beach as the country has to offer.
Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia
Another secluded options with sparkling clear waters. Turquoise Bay is located some 60 km outside of Exmouth and is known for its sprawling white-sand beaches as well as the Ningaloo Reef located just a few meters from the shore. Those who visit Turquoise Bay will certainly want to bring a snorkel.
Waterfall Beach, Albany, Western Australia
Few travelers have actually visited this secret gem, and it is definitely their loss. Waterfall Beach, with its powdery white sand, green and blue-hued ocean, and tranquil waterfalls, is like something out of a dream. Part of the reason it doesn’t get much foot traffic is due to the nature of just how secluded it is. Those who want to visit Waterfall Beach need to travel back roads and bush tracks before shimmying through gaps in rocks. Those who do reach the other side are treated to a little slice of paradise.
Murrays Beach, Jervis Bay, New South Wales
This secret beach sits next to the Booderee National Park and is considered by locals to be one of the very best beaches in South Wales. There are few better ways to pass the time at this beach than spending a day out on the blue-green water. That said, wildlife enthusiasts can travel to nearby Bowen Island, which is a penguin preserve.
These are just a few of the gems those “on walkabout” can choose from in Australia. And while this is an expansive country, it is always a worthwhile adventure to hop in a Kombi van, hit the road and experience Australia’s beaches by driving from one to the other.
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