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Americans cut driving in half during pandemic  

Caption: Mean Daily Number of Trips Made by U.S. Residents Aged 16+, by Month, July 2019–December 2020. Editors note: The following article supplied by AAA Washington. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s new American Driving Survey (2020) provides compelling month-by-month data detailing the drastic drop in U.S. road travel during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, such as […]

jars of trash

Easy ways to make your home climate friendly

Caption: This is all the landfill-bound trash generated by Bea Johnson’s family between 2011 and 2019. Credit: Zero Waste Home. Dear EarthTalk: What are some quick and easy ways to make my home more comfortable and climate-friendly?— Jane B., Tampa, FL While the coronavirus pandemic has been a serous blight on the world, we’ve all […]

woman in hooped cover for crops
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Keep gardening after first fall frost

Caption:  High tunnel systems with hoops and row covers work well on garden beds filled with large plants, allowing easy access for harvesting while protecting the plants. Photo credit: Gardener’s Supply Company by Melinda Myers There is nothing worse than frost in the forecast and a garden full of vegetables not quite ready for picking. […]

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Maximize your harvest

Caption:  Keeping garden tools organized and conveniently stored will save time and energy throughout the growing season. Photo credit: Gardener’s Supply Company by Melinda Myers Grow an abundant harvest with some timely garden care.  Arm yourself with a few basic tools, a bit of time and regular visits to the garden throughout the growing season […]

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Is our drinking water safe?

Caption: Contaminated drinking water is a problem from coast-to-coast, and could be the next big public health crisis facing the United States. Credit: Pixabay. Dear EarthTalk: What are the main contaminants we have to worry about in our drinking water? How can we know if we are being exposed and what can we do about […]

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Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway is a scenic pleasure trip

Caption: A paraglider takes off at Larrabee State Park. Photo by Jason Hummel Chuckanut Drive is a 20-mile jaunt between Burlington and Bellingham, Washington, that takes visitors through tidal bays, coastal views and rolling farmland. Near the drive’s southern terminus, just outside of Burlington, Bay View State Park serves as a jumping-off point to explore […]

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Gardens, dining, boats…find it in Gig Harbor

Caption: Gig Harbor garden tour. Photo credit: Travel Tacoma Gig Harbor is steeped in maritime history with boat building and commercial fishing playing a major role in the development of the area. The small town is also an an agricultural center, logging and lumber area and Native American fishing grounds. In 1950, the historic Narrows […]

Lady beetle on leaf
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Managing insects on vegetables and herbs

Caption:  Lady beetles are one of the good guys, helping to control populations of aphids and other harmful insect pests in the garden. Photo credit: by Melinda Myers Homegrown fresh vegetables not only taste better; they are more nutritious. Plus, you can control what products are applied to the plants to control insect pests […]

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Garden-fresh vegetables help fight cancer

Caption:  Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits, including lowering the risk of certain types of cancer. Photo credit: by Melinda Myers Cancer prevention starts on your dinner plate; actually, it starts in the garden. Growing your own nutrient-rich cancer fighting vegetables allows you to grow pesticide-free vegetables, harvest them at […]

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Researchers say climate change may cause Early cicada bloom

Caption: Some cicadas have been “blooming” early and researchers think global warming is to blame. Credit: Michael Kropiewnicki, Pexels. Dear EarthTalk: Are the cicada blooms of the eastern U.S. out of whack due to global warming and/or other man-made environmental problems?— Joe R., Moorestown, NJ The short answer is…probably. If you live in the eastern […]