Backyard Projects that Pay Off in Higher Home Values

Your backyard is an extension of your home. By default, this space can be a great place for relaxing, doing recreational activities, and enhancing your overall property’s aesthetic. Investments in backyard projects often contribute to higher home resale values. This article will discuss backyard projects you can do that will increase the value of your home.

Build a New Fence

A fence around your property clearly defines the space you own. It can also act as a security measure from intruders and keep the people and/or pets you love from wandering too far. There are various materials you can use to build your fence that will either limit your upfront costs or increase the long-term life and usability. For example, a chain link fence is quite cheap but does not provide an aesthetically pleasing image. A white picket fence is the perfect middle ground between cost effective and visually appealing. While a backyard fence typically is on the taller end (6 to 8 feet), you can reduce the height to 4 feet in front of your home which will still welcome guests and give you added privacy.

Add a Deck

A backyard deck tends to hold high desirability and even higher resale value for prospective buyers. People love spending time outside, and they love when they can bring social gatherings with them. Adding a deck to relax in the sun, host parties, entertain dinner guests, and even host a picnic is the perfect summertime activity. Enjoy expanding the interior of your home by adding a deck which can fulfill many interior and exterior functions. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2019 cost vs Value report, the average deck installation has a 76% return on investment.


One of the best projects for increasing your home’s value and your overall satisfaction with where you live is landscaping. Getting your property under control will go a long way in increasing your home’s value. NAR estimates that lawn care recovers over twice the original amount of associated costs. Introducing plants that are native to your region will help significantly in ensuring your plant life flourishes without too much maintenance. A nicely mowed lawn, pruned hedges, and removal of undergrowth will go a long way in increasing your curb appeal. Keep in mind, your landscaping should suit your individual needs, so identify what would help you spend more time outside and focus on adding those features.


Landscaping is not the only way you can add dimension and life to your backyard. Hardscaping refers to landscaping elements like a brick patio, a stone wall, or gravel. Think of inanimate, non-living objects that bring life and dimension to your yard. You may consider a brick path or wall to separate areas of your yard. You could also invest in a sports court for your family, though if you do, it is generally recommended you lay the court with concrete, as concrete projects are more cost-effective than hardscaping in your backyard. Hardscaping more keeps the aesthetic of nature while still providing uniformity to your backyard space.

Outdoor Fire Pit

During the summer and early fall months, one of the best activities you can do as a family is sit around a fire and roast marshmallows. Whether you are looking for a quiet night under the stars, or to host a party, adding an outdoor fire pit is the perfect addition to your backyard. The ambience it provides and centerpiece for gatherings makes it an attractive feature for you now, and for any buyers in the future. Owners who install a firepit typically realize a 67% return on their investment. Costing an average $6,000 to construct, homeowners often increase their home value by $4,000 on their resale. As a homeowner, you can create great memories and stories around the fire while increasing your home’s value.

Automated Irrigation System

Most interested buyers love when you have landscaping because it enhances their view of the home. However, they hate the idea of persistent maintenance. Whether it is because they don’t have the time to spend hours maintaining it or having to hire someone else, prospective buyers want an easy solution. Installing an automated irrigation system will significantly increase your home’s value and attract buyers. Irrigation systems today come with smart and energy efficient technology. Watering on a schedule or using sensors for when specific areas need moisture, this can be an easy solution to having a beautiful yard without all the effort.

Garage Door Replacement

This may not sound like a glamorous project but replacing your garage door will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and value. Garage door replacement often recoups about 95% of the initial cost on their resale. With a new garage door, you not only improve the aesthetic of your home, but you increase energy savings and security. New garage doors come with better seals to keep extreme temperatures out and regulate your garage interior temperature more efficiently. New doors are often lighter which can help decrease electricity used to open and close them. With a new door you also increase your security knowing that your home and goods will be protected.

Outdoor Lighting 

One of the greatest benefits of outdoor lighting is that these options are available for any homeowner’s budget. If you are looking for a little light to increase visibility and security, there are countless options that are relatively inexpensive. If you hope to add character and life to your backyard with hanging or installed lights, there are also options available for every budget. Today, LED lighting and solar-powered products are great products for being energy efficient, reducing costs, and increasing the lifespan of your lighting. And that means increasing the amount of time you can enjoy your backyard, in the day or the nighttime!


Look around your backyard now and envision what it could become. If the additional feature also increases your home’s value, then you’ll be grateful for the future payoff. A backyard that is planned well and well-maintained will always attract more buyers and increase your home’s overall value.


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