Book inspires fit behavior

For many people over age 45 the secret to fitness, weight loss, longevity and good health hinges on a process of discovering and renewing motivation and realizing it’s not too late to start.
“Inspire Your Fit Behavior,” , a new multimedia eBook uses the power of true life stories, via videos and text, to celebrate physical movement and the quality of life associated with a physically active lifestyle. The content is intended to help others see “what’s possible” for them- to empower everyone to unlock his own inner athlete.
At age 63 retired Admiral Bill Center weighed 270 lbs., he could not get down on the floor to enjoy playtime with his twin granddaughters. “So much of my motivation has come from simply realizing it was possible to reverse my decline.”
Faith Ireland, a retired Justice of the Washington Supreme Court shares her story of transformation. She had never identified with the word ‘athlete’ until she started powerlifting at age 57 to combat her chronic neck and back pain. She is now the six-time Women’s National Powerlifting Champion for her age and weight class.
Both stories are featured in “Inspire Your Fit Behavior,” a multimedia experience eBook will available via Vook and all major book retailers.
What if we lived in a world where everyone was fit?  Imagine the possibilities.  In addition to solving a significant healthcare crisis, consider the increased quality of life.
Inspire Your Fit Behavior is a collection of personal stories that address the core issue faced by those who lacked physical fitness – and how they changed their behavior and actions to transform their lives at any age.
“We soon realized we had accrued more than stories, it is model for fitness behavior change,” said co-creator Tony Whatley. “Our intent is to share the secrets of living an active, healthy lifestyle by true life experiences in writing and in videos within the book, of why and how people changed their behavior.
By beginning a sports activity that resulted in a wonderful improvement in their health and lifestyle. ”