Hopservatory in Bend
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Brews and stars at Worthy’s in Bend

Worthy Brewing on the east side of Bend is a popular venue for locals and visitors to grab a bite, tour the brewery, wander through the on-site gardens and see the stars in the observatory tower.

Hopservatory” patrons can step up to the mini-Hubble telescope to see specific galaxies, stars, nebulae and even planets, depending on the time of year and level of visibility. The Hopservatory is operated by the Worthy Garden Club, a non-profit foundation that supports science literacy programs and initiatives. Day or night, our observatory offers you views of the stars and planets, as well as solar viewing.

Worthy Brewing, a solar powered brewery located in Bend, Oregon, was founded in 2012 by Roger Worthington. Worthy first opened its doors in February 2013. Worthy brews a full portfolio of craft beers and operates the east side pub and Taps and Tacos in downtown Bend.

In addition to fine beers and star viewing, Worthy is also home to a garden oasis of sage, thyme, chives, tomatoes and pollinator plants healthy for native bees, birds and butterflies.