ozone hole
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Chemical ban is big win for environment

Caption: This visualization shows the hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole is getting smaller each year thanks to efforts by international negotiators back in the late 1980s. Credit: Stuart Rankin, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: Has anyone calculated the positive health and/or economic impacts of international efforts to protect the stratospheric ozone layer beginning […]

People watching blimp take off
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Blimps make a comeback

Caption: Believe it or not, blimps are making a comeback as a green short hop commuter travel option. Dear EarthTalk: Is blimp travel really making a comeback? Is it eco-friendly? – J. Roe, Islip. NY The blimp, forever besmirched due to the Hindenburg explosion in 1937—when one of the first commercial blimps caught on fire—never […]

solar panels
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Solar farms spark controversy

Caption: Solar farms may be the next battleground for environmentalists. Credit: Pexels. Dear EarthTalk: Has there been any backlash against the installation of rooftop solar panels or the development of big solar farms across the U.S.?— B. Jackson, Longmeadow, MA Incentives like the Solar Investment Tax Credit and increased affordability in the cost of solar […]

Red Bolt electric car

Electric vehicle future is here

Caption: If you are looking for a lower price tag and a decent amount of range in a new EV, Chevrolet’s Bolt is among the better bets. Credit: Stephen Rees, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: I am looking to finally ditch the old minivan and upgrade to an EV. What are the best choices out there nowadays […]

Three wolves
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Will renewed hunting hurt wolf populations?

Caption: Yellowstone’s gray wolves, reintroduced to the region in the 1990s, are now at risk from hunting outside of park borders. Credit: Patrice Schoefolt, Pexels.com. Dear EarthTalk: Is the recent lifting of quota restrictions on wolf hunting in Montana north of Yellowstone National Park a threat to the reintroduced wolf population there? — J. W., […]

Night sky stars

Dark sky havens let stars truly shine

Caption: Dark sky havens are places where nighttime light pollution is limited to non-existent and the stars can truly shine in the night sky. Dear EarthTalk: What are “dark sky havens” and are there any near me? — D. Morris, Troy, MI A bright moon hangs over the clear, terrestrial night sky permeated by winking […]

Smoke in forest

Large fires in West now the norm

Caption: The smoke from Western wildfires can carry for thousands of miles and affect communities far from the burning. Credit: Pixabay. Dear EarthTalk: How has all the wildfire smoke in the West over the last few summers impacted human health? And what can we do to stay safe amidst the smoke?— B.K., Philadelphia, PA Blanketing […]

smart phone app

Drivers with GPS apps disrupting neighborhood vibes

Caption: GPS nav apps may be good for individual drivers’ commute times but may be slowing traffic overall and ruining neighborhood vibes across the nation. Dear EarthTalk: What are the environmental pros and cons of so many of us relying on GPS apps (Waze, Google Maps, etc.) to get around these days?— B. Rogers, Newark, […]

Man and women sitting down in plane

Emissions inequality especially harmful to the poorest

Caption: The richest 1% of humanity produces 15% of total carbon emissions, while the richest 10% is responsible for more than half. Credit: Pexels.com. Dear EarthTalk: Do wealthy people generate more pollution and/or carbon emissions than the less fortunate?— George P., Greenwich, CT In a word, yes. The richest 10 percent of humanity was responsible […]

Amazon logo
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Amazon’s environmental record is mixed bag

Caption: Despite efforts by Amazon.com to achieve net zero emissions, environmentalists still have plenty of beefs with the e-tailing juggernaut. Credit: Soumit, FlickrCC. Dear EarthTalk: Is Amazon.com an environmental hero or villain?— J. West, Orange, CA Not surprisingly, Amazon.com’s environmental performance is a mixed bag. One charge often levied by critics is that Amazon’s low […]