Rushing river
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Hike your heart out in Bend’s Shevlin Park

By Greg Johnson, travel writer Shevlin Park is ideal for hiking, nature walking, picnicking and views of scenic Tumalo Creek. The 652-acre park, located just four miles from downtown Bend, features several trails as well as three developed picnic sites. The scenic Shevlin Park Loop Trail crosses one of several foot bridges over the scenic […]

Hummingbird on flower
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Chemical-free Options for Managing Mosquitoes in Your Landscape

Photo caption:  Hummingbirds feed on mosquitoes, other insects as well as flower nectar and feeders. Photo credit:  Melinda Myers, LLC By Melinda Myers It’s time to get outside and enjoy summer BBQs, gardening, hikes and much more. Don’t let mosquitoes keep you inside; Instead enlist these chemical-free strategies to manage these pests in your landscape. Start by […]

Women watering
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Take the Hassle out of Daily Watering

Photo caption:   Look for a hose trolley that is sturdy and topple-resistant yet lightweight and maneuverable to make watering easy.    Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Proper watering is key to gardening success, but untangling and dragging heavy hoses across the yard, smashing delicate flowers and young vegetable plants […]

Pink tulips
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Discover the Beauty of Double Tulips

Photo cutline:   Margarita is an early-blooming tulip variety that produces stunning deep purple to violet double blossoms.  Photo credit: By Melinda Myers Celebrate the National Garden Bureau’s Year of the Tulip in a big way by planting double flowered tulip varieties this fall for a showy display next spring. Flower arrangers love the […]

Pruning gloves
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Early Spring Preparation for a Beautiful Summer Garden

Photo caption: When pruning, start by removing the damaged and diseased stems of shrubs and roses and wear heavy duty gloves to keep yourself free from scratches. Photo credit: Photo courtesy of By Melinda Myers As winter fades into spring, gardeners can’t wait to get busy in the garden.  Pruning, cutting back perennials and ornamental […]

Arbor landscape
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Landscape Structures Provide Function and Beauty

Photo caption:  Arbors can provide a beautiful framework and vertical gardening space for pole beans, melons, or squash in food gardens or serve as a support to climbing roses and flowering vines in garden beds. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Incorporate arbors, trellises and other structures into your designs […]

Woman watering plants
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Self-watering sprouts gardening success

Photo caption:  The Self-Watering Standing Garden’s large reservoirs maximizes the time between watering. Photo credit:  Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company By Melinda Myers Raised beds and containers expand our planting options. They allow us to grow edible and ornamental plants even where there is no plantable space to garden.  Use them to make planting, […]