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Long-distance bonding tips for grandparents

Blowing out the candles from a huge homemade birthday cake and staying up late to hear embarrassing stories about their parents are memorable experiences that grandchildren share with grandparents throughout the years. But, long-distance grandparenting can make it more difficult to share those experiences., the premier social website for today’s grandparents, offers expert advice […]

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Redeveloped Shilshole Bay Marina – One of the Largest Marinas North of California

By Leslee Jaquette The rededicated statue of Viking Leif “Lucky” Erikson stands sentinel at Shilshole Bay Marina, welcoming recreational boaters to one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest marinas. Not only has the 17-foot, reconditioned statue found a permanent home in the Leif Erikson Plaza, the bronze continues to symbolize the region’s Nordic heritage and the […]