Cities That Every Outdoors Lover Should Consider Moving To

From coast to coast, there are great places to live in the United States if you love the outdoors. Whether it is green forests and waterfalls you crave, or mountains and desert vistas, there is somewhere for everyone. If you love to spend time outdoors, consider moving to one of the following cities to enjoy nature year-round.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is a mountain-lover’s dream, and the core of the city is located only a five minute drive from the mountains. This means that rock climbing is a big deal there, and you can always find somewhere to climb. According to Thrillist, living in Boulder also means that you are around a half-hour drive away from Eldora Mountain Resort, so once the weather turns you will be able to ski whenever you want. Unlike other cities that have a lot of sprawl, Boulder is surrounded by public open space so once you are out of the city you can find lots of hiking trails and land to enjoy.

Bend, Oregon

You’ll love Bend, Oregon if you like green forests and pristine water features. According to Gigi Pip, Bend has plenty of opportunities for hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and more. Right in town is the Deschutes River, which you can experience along the Deschutes River Trail that is great for walking or cycling. Mirror Pond along the river features Drake Park, an area with plenty of green space and places to picnic. Tumalo Falls is a gorgeous 89-foot tall waterfall a short drive from the city. Nearby Mount Bachelor is a nice place to ski or tube in the winter. Another fun outdoor activity to do in Bend is visit caves! 

Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho may surprise you with all of the outdoor activities available to you there. According to Livability, the Payette River runs between Boise and McCall and is a great place to take your tubes, rafts, or canoes out for fun on the water. The Boise River greenbelt features 25 miles of trails along the river great for strolling. Away from the water, you can find yourself climbing the Black Cliffs, with numerous routes available depending on your skill level. There is also great hiking nearby in McCall at Goose Creek Falls.

Depending on how you like to spend time outdoors, there are a lot of cities that will suit your needs. Plan a trip to one of these places to test out all of the outdoor amenities and see what you enjoy. Living somewhere you can spend more time outdoors makes life more enjoyable.

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