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Columbia River Gorge Festival plays the blues

Summer means music, dancing and drinking for many concert goers. So what could be more fun than the annual Blues & Brews Festival at the Columbia River Gorge near Stevenson, Wash., on June 25-26, 2016?gorge blues
This is a 21 and older event and pets are not invited unless they are service dogs.
The Q& A for the event is so entertaining and educational, we share some “must knows” with you:

What’s the time and date of the event?

The festivities will begin at 12pm on Saturday, June 25th, 2016, but plan to join us for our free Friday Night Waterfront Jam from 6—10pm on Friday, June 24th.

Who benefits from the proceeds of the event?

Proceeds from the 2014 Gorge Blues & Brews Festival benefitted Washington Gorge Action Programs which assists with a variety of local deserving programs. Future recipients may include the food bank, domestic violence prevention, homeless housing and many others.

What form of payment do you accept?

The only thing we accept this year for payment at the time of the event is cash. ATMs will be available at the cashier line as well as inside the event. However, until June 20th, you may pre-order packages through Ticket Tomato online when they become available.

I’m not hungry or thirsty. Do I still have to pay admission?

Yes. We have 7 outstanding acts to entertain you. $20 is a bargain for seeing these guys in action.

Can I purchase full bottles of wine?

As much as we’d like provide such a service, liquor laws prohibit us.

Can I use my drink tokens for food?

We’re sorry, but food vendors will only accept monetary payment. Cash would be your safest bet.

Can I bring coolers with which to keep my delicious samples of Gorge Blues and Brews’ finest Northwest craft brews and wines or store my own mix of food and beverages?


Can I bring a chair?

Yes. We ask that you keep it low profile.

Can I bring my dog to the event?

Only if they are involved in guiding, aiding and interpreting.

I’ve spent all of my tokens, and I can maintain a reasonably straight line and speak coherently. Now what?

More tokens are available for sale at the information booth. There, you could even pick up a t-shirt. You can also explore and discover the beautiful city of Stevenson, much of which, is a short walk from the fairgrounds. We will not tolerate drinking and driving and ask that you help your companions make the right decisions. We will also have a shuttle available for taking people to the variouslodging facilities in Stevenson as well as to Timberlake. Download the shuttle schedule here.

I’ve spent enough of my tokens, and I’ve created a new standard for lack of coherence and mobility. Now what?

Stay with us for a while and enjoy the amazing entertainment, and the companionship that the event offers you. We’ll take care of you. We would not serve you an alcoholic drink that you could not keep in your cup. That would be a waste. Don’t even think about reaching for your keys! We will have a shuttle that will take people to the various lodging facilities in Stevenson as well as toTimberlake. Download the shuttle schedule here.

I am ready to take the shuttle now. What’s the schedule?

We have it here for your downloading convenience as we get the information.

Will you buy my unspent tokens when I’m ready to leave?

We’re sorry, but no.

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