Company helps executives across retirement finish line

Every year thousands of executives nationwide step away from corporate America and make their way across that beautiful finish line we call retirement.
After years of having daily help from executive assistants, secretaries and interns as well as access to company travel agents, accountants, transportation companies and more, the idea of going solo can be daunting for many new retirees.
Enter Corporate Concierge Solutions (CCS.)  Founded by corporate veteran, Jan Kapan, this Chicago-based virtual assistance company specializes in helping business men and women keep their lives on track as they transition into retirement and beyond.
Kaplan, has 25 years of experience working with high level executives of major corporations such as Cushman & Wakefield and CB Richard Ellis.  Her roster of services range from the basic to the involved including, but not limited to:

  • Moving/Downsizing (packing, organizing garage and estate sales, securing off-site storage and movers, unpacking and setting up new home)
  • Home Organization & Household Financial Management
  • Personal and Familial Travel (research, bookings and creation of itineraries)
  • Unique Gift Selection (shopping, wrapping and sending)
  • Thank You Notes & Holiday Cards
  • Planning & Execution of Dinner Parties, In-Home Fundraisers
  • General Errands
  • Electronic Programming (cell phones, smartphones, new home electronics, uploading music/movies/books onto iPods, iPads and Kindles)

As the baby boomer generation continues to inch its way towards that same finish line of retirement, the services of CCS and other companies like them will be more and more in demand.
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