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Disney music scores big with kids, families

magical_music_of_disney_poster_sm-squareThe Magical Music of Disney featuring hit songs from classic Disney films performed by Portland Musical Theater Company at Artists’ Milepost will run Oct 9-30. Discount tickets $13. Get Your Tickets Now or call 971-225-SHOW
Everybody has a favorite Disney film. From the wild ride Mickey Mouse takes inFantasia to Elsa and Anna’s snowy world in Frozen, Walt Disney’s dreams have fascinated and delighted kids of all ages — and whether it’s “Let It Go” or “Hakuna Matata,” the whole family loves to belt out the classic songs from those movies.
More concert than traditional musical, The Magical Music of Disney brings together over 60 Disney hits from Snow White, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and more, all in a zippy 90 minutes.
See the show — and up the fun by coming dressed as your favorite Disney character — at Portland’s Chapel Theater at MilePost 5. The concert is recommended for ages six and up.