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DogPAC: Give others space on trails!

DogPAC in Central Oregon is reminding dog owners to give others space on trails if you are out adventuring and to hold off on petting others’ dogs during the current coronavirus turmoil.

DogPAC also advises dog walkers to clean up after their pet this spring. “It’s understandable if you miss a pile in a blizzard, but please don’t use the snow as an excuse for not picking up after your dog,” explains the DogPAC website. “If you are walking one dog, leave with one full bag; two dogs, two full bags, etc., even if some of those poops were left by someone else. Dog poop is the #1 complaint from both non-dog and dog people.”

DogPAC’s mission is to promote the health and enjoyment of dogs and their guardians through the provision of off-leash recreation opportunities in Central Oregon.

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