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Eat your berries

Wild berries are abundant throughout the Pacific Northwest. In their book “Wild Berries of Washington and Oregon,” T. Abe Lloyd and Fiona Hamersley Chambers tell you where and how to find wild berries, when they are in season, and how best to enjoy them.
berriesLloyd and Chambers describe 200 berries and berry-like fruits, from the common blackberry to native delicacies such as Pacific crab apples, Oregon grape, and salal. Over 400 full color photographs and over 100 additional color illustrations show even the novice hiker what berries to pick and where to look for them.
Full information is also given on poisonous and dangerous species to avoid. For each fruit there are clear descriptions of flavor and uses, with suggestions and recipes for cooking and preserving. The authors also give ranges and seasons, common and botanical names, Native American and European uses, history, herbal lore and legends.
Berries grow throughout Oregon and Washington free for the taking in state and national parks and forests. The taste of wild berries in preserves, jams, and jellies will bring back memories of times enjoyed outdoors with friends.
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