Free Things to Do on the Olympic Peninsula

With all the glorious weather lure us to favorite destinations such as the Olympic Peninsula, it’s time to review a few favorite Spring-Summer activities that don’t cost anything at all. For a full list, please visit
Art and About
The Olympic Peninsula’s natural beauty is an inspiration for many.  Artists showcase their works year round at many of its quaint communities.
Check out First Friday Art Walk Sequim.  From 5-8 p.m. various establishments showcase local artisans’ creations.  Each month has a color theme and participants are encouraged to dress up in the color du mois to add to the artistry and fun.  A self-guided tour map is available.  For more information visit
Every second weekend of the month the city of Port Angeles features Art on the Town.  Discover treasures nestled in pocket parks, dotting downtown sidewalks, and adorning the city’s waterfront.  This outdoor venue provides the perfect pedestrian-friendly environment to display multifaceted pieces, and offers regularly scheduled guided tours and events.  Self-guided tour maps are available too.
A Whale of a Trail
There are 30 species of marine mammals in the Northwest and The Whale Trail is dedicated to providing information on, and viewing locations for, these adored aquatic creatures. Seventeen of The Whale Trail’s 43 designated whale watching locations skirt the Olympic Peninsula.  From Brinnon on Hood Canal, up and around to La Push, and heading south to Pacific Beach, signage and information can be found at marine centers and viewpoints.
To be a part of the Whale Trail a viewing site must offer a reasonably good chance of seeing whales as well as an educational and conservation aspect.  A detailed Whale Trail map and information on the best whale viewing times can be found at
What is your favorite free activity on the Olympic Peninsula?