Globetrotting teacher’s tales of travel

Some teachers teach without ever having left the classroom. Larry “Jungle” Shortell is not one of those.
In his day job, Shortell teaches special education in Enfield, Conn. But he spends his summers traveling. He has explored all 50 states, all seven continents, all the oceans and more than 80 countries.
“Without a doubt, to travel and learn things firsthand is the best way to understand the world and our place in it,” Shortell says. “I hope that others can see the possibilities that open up when one lives life by following his or her dreams, fearing the inability to follow one’s passions rather than fearing death.”
A self-described “adventurous, regular guy,” Shortell shares adventure (and misadventures) in his new book, Summers Off: The Worldwide Adventures of a Schoolteacher.
“It’s a well- struck balance among lighthearted chapters meant to entertain, descriptive passages intended to inform and share, and the story of a tragic event that served as the genesis for a life worth living,” says Shortell.