How to Experience More Culture in Your Life

Hometowns are wonderful. It’s the place where you have a family, where you experience day-to-day life – but ultimately, sometimes we want more. We want to experience more! See what the world has to offer! It might be time to branch out and try some new things outside of your comfort zone.

Try New Foods

The best thing about trying new foods is that you don’t necessarily have to go far. Many locations have a surprisingly diverse subculture of food from all of the world, especially in immigrant-heavy America. In an average American city, you can find food from Mexico, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, France, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia – the list goes on and on. Odds are you already have a few hometown favorites, but you should challenge yourself to try something new. Is there a certain kind of food that you wouldn’t typically try? Is there a restaurant from a culture you know relatively little about? These are opportunities to experience more culture in a small, simple fashion.

Do More Travel

Many people balk at traveling because it tends to be expensive. While it is true that certain locations during certain times of the year can indeed be expensive, there are a lot of options that are less so. There are many hidden travel gems across Europe and Asia that are not tourist hotspots, but still offer incredible nature and culture. If you’re flexible enough, you can also pursue housing options like that of European hostels. They are a bit riskier than a hotel but are far cheaper. Honestly, regardless of price, being able to visit parts of the world and being able to witness and experience culture in a way that never would have been possible at home, is worth it. There are lots of activities to do in Punta de Mita, for example, which is located in Mexico.

Make Friends

The number one way to understand a culture as much as possible is to love somebody who belongs to it. Whether done while traveling, or done through modern wonders of global technology, you have a fantastic opportunity to come to know people like never before. Talk to those from cultures that you aren’t familiar with at all. Ask them appropriate questions about their lives. Be kind, respectful, and ready to learn.

Culture is an abstract term. What does it even mean to be cultured? At the end of the day, it’s about widening your perspective. It’s about appreciating beauty and art and love and connection in new forms that you had never previously considered.

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