A hedgehog
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How to rescue an injured animal

Photo caption: Hedgehogs are declining as humans increasingly invade their habitat.

DIY Garden blogger Rachel Brown was determined to spread injured animal rescue information after helping to detangle a hedgehog caught in netting last year.

Brown recently posted a comprehensive guide on what to do if you come across an injured animal outside. There are three approaches to helping wildlife, according to Brown. They are:

  1. Leave it alone. Sometimes a wild animal is not injured but has been left by a parent so it can gather food. For example, young deer should not be touched nor should fledgling birds unless they are in danger.

  2. Let the animal recover from shock in a cool, dark place. A wild animal that’s had a knock, say flying into a window or being hit by a car, could be concussed and may recover given time.

  3. Take the animal to a wildlife center or a vet. Injured wildlife needs specialist attention. The most responsible course of action is taking injured wildlife to someone who knows exactly what to do to prevent any further suffering.

If in doubt, call a wildlife center for help.

Check out the animal rescue guide at DIYGarden.