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Kevin Klein Reports Halibut Catchin' is Great

Halibut, ling and prawns rock on in the ‘Juan’s. No salmon for slammin’, but the rest are ‘jammin! The halibut have mostly been coming on anchor, and the prawns like 300’ plus, depending on location.
Andy Holman duked it out and finally decked this bruiser flattie last weekend. He showed it who is boss afterward by cutting it into nice sized pieces, rolling it in tempura batter, and  frying it in peanut oil at 325 for 3 minutes.
Sir Lance “a lot of Halibut” Rhinehart put some nice fish on the round table that knight. Don’t forget those cheeks! Just like scallops…yum!halibut2
Karen mixed in another flat one, headed for the vacuum sealer.halibut 3
Angie and husband Par had a great Memorial Weekend in Friday Harbor and did well on the cod.lingcod1