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Living Computer Museum appeals to all ages

What better way to say “I love you” to the nerdling in your life than to take them to Paul Allen’s  Living Computers: Museum + Labs. It’s a great outing for all ages and promises a great history lesson and lots of experimental time on computers.
The museum has expanded and includes a new gallery of rotating exhibits that puts today’s computer technology in the context of how it’s being used to tackle real-world issues. Connect with robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and digital art.
The main floor gallery lets you get up close with current computing technology, from robotics to virtual reality and more. The robotics exhibits show how robots do our work, connect us to distant reaches, and soon might serve as companions in our homes.
Others may be more excited to explore the virtual and augmented reality exhibits and see how the decades-long quest to use computer imagery to alter our perception is taking shape today. Virtual Reality demo experience restricted to visitors ages 10 and up only.
 And what look at the tech universe would be complete without a test-drive in the self-driving car simulator. Drivers can how autonomous vehicles may transform our urban centers and make transportation networks more efficient.
 Oh, yes, the LCM is looking for these systems? Please click here to fill out our Contribute Historical Computers form.

  • IBM 709
  • IBM 360 (All Models)
  • IBM 370 (All Models)
  • IBM 7094
  • DEC PDP-10 (KA)
  • DEC PDP-1
  • Apollo Guidance Computer (complete)
  • Burroughs B5500
  • ARDS terminal
  • BBN Honeywell based IMP
  • Tape Racks
  • Datapoint 2200
  • MacHack IV (Software)
  • TECH and TECH2 (Software)
  • BASIC Plus 2 (BP2, B+2) (Software)

Mondays & Tuesdays – Closed
Wednesdays – Sundays 10am – 5pm
FIRST THURSDAYS 10am – 8pm (FREE 5pm – 8pm) Contact Us
2245 First Ave S
Seattle WA 98134