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Look for whole grain foods at Bob’s Red Mill

Photos and Story by Greg Johnson, travel writer

Bob’s Red Mill produces thousands of organic, whole grain products at its Milwaukie, Oregon manufacturing and distribution plants.

Bob’s Red Mill is a leader in health foods throughout the United States. They utilize “Old World” technology stone grinding mills to grind its grains at a slow speed and cool temperature. Company officials say the process ensures the most nutritious and favorable parts of the whole grain remain.

Red Mill truck

Visitors will find an amazing array of flours, cereals, oats, beans, seeds and gluten free products. You can sample Bob’s Red Mill products at its bakery, store and restaurant located at 5000 SE International Way in Milwaukie. Diners can also enjoy whole grain omelets, waffles, fruit bowls, breakfast sandwiches and organic steel cut oats. Free tours of the mill’s manufacturing facility are also available.

Look for the brilliant red and white building fronted by a rotating water wheel.

For information, call 503-607-6455 or go to

Inside Red Mill

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