Magenta Theater Presents “The 39 Steps”

actors“Do you wish to be involved?” ~ this question, asked by a mysterious woman, sets Richard Hannay on the adventure of a lifetime.  Framed for murder, Hannay must travel across England and Scotland to uncover an international conspiracy as he tries to clear his name.  Along the way he finds himself manacled to a beautiful woman, surviving a perilous train chase, joining a parade, and interacting with a host characters.  Magenta Theater will be staging The 39 Steps this April 13-28.
The stage adaptation of The 39 Steps is based on the classic 1935 Alfred Hitchcock spy thriller.  The play takes a comedic turn by having the entire cast of the movie played by just four actors.  The actors, while portraying over 100 different character, use every theater trick in the book to create a train chase, the Scottish moors, a manor house, a political rally, and much more using just a few items from around the theater.  The fast pace and physical nature of the stage show has caused The 39 Steps to be described as Hitchcock meets Monty Python.
The stage version of The 39 Steps began its life at a community theater in England before making its way to London and then over 1000 performances on Broadway in New York, where it won multiple Tony awards.  Magenta Theater is thrilled to bring this production to Vancouver, WA in a show that is sure to delight theater goers of all ages.
Tickets are $12-$15 and are available on the website at The theater is located in the heart of Vancouver, WA  at 606 Main St.  For Info call:  360-635 4358
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