Mayor’s office offers free tickets

The Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens supports social and civic engagement for seniors by sponsoring a number of special events each year. In addition, the office receives donations of tickets to theater, sports and other arts and cultural events, which are distributed to callers and visitors for free.
Tickets are donated to the Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens from local arts and sports organizations when seating is unlikely to be sold out, often only days before an event. When time allows, the Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens informs senior organizations about ticket availability.
Seniors (age 55+), adults with disabilities or their personal assistants who are interested in tickets call the Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens once a week, at 206-684-0500, to find out whether tickets are available. When available, tickets are distributed to eligible individuals on a first-come, first-served basis, two tickets at a time. Recipient names are recorded and tickets cannot be sold or given away.