‘My Dad, My Dog’

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Sheila Hermel has a brave and empowering view on losing a loved one, in the belief that they never truly die. Hermel thinks about her late father and dog every single hour and, while they’re no longer around in a physical sense, their love, influence and memories will never die.
In “My Dad, My Dog,” Hermel remembers them both in what can only be described as a moving and uplifting recollection of memories.
Sheila Hermel
“It’s always difficult to accept that when someone you love dies, they’re actually gone from your life forever,” said Hermel. “But in truth, once you really get used to their supposed absence, you come to find out that they’re only really “gone” in the physical sense… That’s how I feel about my dad and my dog. Although they’re no longer in my sight, they live on, still, inside my heart. Both were beyond special, and mattered so much to me. Writing this story is just one way that I intend to keep their memory alive.”