New Sports You Should Try Out on the Water

Staying active is an important part of a healthy aging plan. Adults who remain active, even as they move into old age, stay healthier, stronger, and more mentally alert than those who remain sedentary. Getting a regular exercise routine into your schedule can even help you live longer! Improving your quality and length of life is a great reason to get active. Unfortunately, many sporting activities might be too rigorous or intense for seniors who may struggle with mobility or other health issues. That may mean that running, lifting weights or other activities are out of the question. Here are the best ways to stay active in the water as an older adult.


If you’re looking for something a little less intense, paddleboarding may be for you. According to Bitter End Provisions, standup paddleboarding is similar to surfing but without the steep learning curve. The paddleboarder stands on the board which resembles a surfboard and paddles, switching sides as necessary for steering. Paddleboarding can be either a solo or group activity.


Kayaking is arguably the most efficient way to get around in the water without a motor. You sit in a lightweight, a small boat called a kayak and use a double-ended paddle to power your way to your destination. Kayaking is easy and low-risk—the circular arm motions are easy on the joints in the shoulder and there is no need to use your legs. However, if you have trouble with your shoulders or elbows, according to Austin Kayak, there are also some kayaks that you can move with your legs using a pedal drive system.

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Water Polo

For those of you who still enjoy some healthy competition, water polo is a super fun game that’s easy to learn. This is a great activity for large groups of people. If you’ve never been introduced to the game, it is easy to learn. The basic idea is the same as soccer—two teams, two goals on each end of the pool, and the ultimate goal of putting the ball into the opponents’ goal. Water polo involves a fair amount of strategizing, so you can get a mental workout in along with your physical one when you adopt this sport as your favorite new water sport.

One of the great aspects of water sports is that they are generally low-impact, with a low risk for injury. Don’t let old age slow you down. These are just a few of the many water sports you can pursue to protect your health and add some excitement to your life.