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Not Every Boater Needs a Yacht

When you are showing off The Locks to out-of-town guests or walking the length of Shilshole Bay Marina, it looks like everyone in Seattle owns a yacht. Similarly, at Opening Day hosted by the Seattle Yacht Club or during the Seafair extravaganza, it seems that all boaters are Microsoft millionaires who fancy superyachts.
But not everyone needs or wants a big honkin’ boat. Some of us prefer a small boat that fits our budget yet can get us around for some fishing, family outings and protected explorations. One of the perennial favorite, all-around boat brands, designed and built by Dave Livingston of the Northwest, is Livingston Boats. Dave is still actively involved in the marine industry, designing and marketing the popular Ranger boats.
The PR about Livingston boats is pretty much true and certainly well-tested after nearly 50 years of service. Since 1967, Livingston durability, affordability and fantastic ride have made them the world’s most popular catamarans. With 75,000 customers it is the largest cat boat brand in the world.
These days, as a member of the PowerCat Group of catamarans, Livingstons are available through one of the many PowerCat dealerships around the globe. Many people use the boats that range from about 10-feet to 20-feet in length for family fishing fun, a tender for a yacht, or a car-topper for exotic adventures.
Why are Livingstons so popular? Lots of reasons such as durability, affordability and stability. The 14-foot Livingston, for example, can take you across the rough inlets and lakes at speed with the catamaran hull design that has made Livingstons popular for 45 years. Available as an open catamaran skiff, the horsepower is “limited” to 20. But, with the stand up console option, you can put up to 40 horses on the transom (with the weight of the passengers moved forward).
So, if you want a big open skiff that can take big water, order the tiller version. If speed and rough water capability is your need, there’s the console option. (Remember engine packages must be delivered through a Livingston dealer or another Yamaha dealer when no Livingston dealership is in your area).
Specs for the Livingston 14 (

  • LOA: 167″(13′-11″)
  • Molded LOA: 167″(13′-11″)
  • Beam: 68″(5′-8″)
  • Draft: 9″ (w/ 20HP)
  • Freeboard: 22”
  • Shaft Length: 20”
  • Apprx. Dry Weight: 315 lbs (hull only)
  • Max HP Rating: 20hp tiller or 40hp remote
  • Boat Capacity: 1,000 lbs (5 persons, motor and gear)
  • Typical WOT*: 20 mph

* Tested with 20HP motor, two people, no gear
Standard Features:

  • 100% composite construction (completely wood-free)
  • Hull side reinforcement for davit support
  • Unique twin hull design with tunnel lift appeals to shallow water enthusiast as well as those who like to fish in deeper waters
  • Buoyancy in twin-hull design allows more load bearing capacity, shallow draft, quicker planning, and a smoother ride
  • Twin-hull design provides more interior space than competitively sized mono-hulls
  • Twin hull design performs with smaller, lighter, and less expensive motors for better fuel efficiency
  • Constructed with high-gloss MAXGUARD exterior gelcoat, 24-oz hand laid woven roving, and durable flat interior finish with contrast webbing
  • Reinforced outboard transom, fabricated with 1” thick Penske composite board encased in fiberglass, will not rot
  • Laminated-in fore and aft foam-filled seats that will not absorb water plus a laminated floor that seals each sponson creating two separate air chambers provide tremendous buoyancy and stability
  • Curved SPRAY GUARD gunwale & protective gunwale edge trim
  • (2) transom thru-hull drains that self-drain while underway
  • (1) Stainless bow eye and (2) molded oarlock sockets
  • Built-in battery and tank storage

 Have you owned a Livingston? How did you like it?

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