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OMSI Eugene looks at wildlife migration

This month’s Science Pub Eugene will take a look at how the new wildlife GPS-collar technology is providing insight into animal migration and ecology that was not possible before. On Feb. 9 from 6:30-8:30 this presentation will specifically look at deer, moose and other hoofed critters.
The Pub is located at: Whirled Pies at Cozmic, 199 W 8th Ave, Eugene and doors open @ 5PM | $5 Suggested Donation.  Science Pub Eugene is a monthly event that is open to anyone and everyone. No RSVP or scientific background required. Just bring your curiosity, sense of humor, and appetite for food, drinks, and knowledge! For more information or to sign up for our mailing list, email:
In this presentation, Visualizing the Complexities of Wildlife Migration: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Ungulates, cartographer James Meacham will focus on those design challenges encountered in the creation of thematic maps and data graphics for the in-production Atlas of Wildlife Migration: Wyoming’s Ungulates, and associated scientific and conservation publications.
The recent discovery of the longest land mammal migration in the contiguous United States, the 150-mile “Red Desert to Hoback” mule deer seasonal migration is featured. Other topics covered include visualization of moose migration timing, Teton bighorn sheep’s loss of migration, and the “Path of the Pronghorn”. This project is a collaborative effort among University of Oregon cartographers and wildlife researchers at the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Migration Initiative.