Overseas Destinations to Spend Your Second Honeymoon

Marriage milestones like anniversaries or vow renewals are great reasons to celebrate you and your spouse by going on a second honeymoon. If your first honeymoon had a smaller budget or you did not get to go on a honeymoon at all, you should take this opportunity to plan something special. Several destinations are perfect for a romantic getaway overseas.

Islands of Greece

If you are interested in the rich history of ancient Greece, according to Rough Guides, you should consider booking a flight for your honeymoon to the beautiful Greek Islands. You can enjoy peaceful boat rides from island to island as you and your spouse get to experience the slight differences in culture at each stop. If you would rather stay on one island for your honeymoon, you can bask in the sunlight on their beaches and marvel at the crystal blue waters. Delicious cuisine like fish can be found at almost every restaurant and you can rest easy knowing that it will be fresh. While you make the trek out to Europe, feel free to stop by any other countries on your way back home because flights are cheap once you travel overseas.

Mexican Coast

A warmer honeymoon option may be a trip down to the coast of Mexico. Like the Islands of Greece, you will have access to all the perks of beachside living. You have the option of either visiting the Pacific coast or the Caribbean coast, both of which have different positive aspects, depending on what you are looking for. Either one you choose, you can enjoy activities like snorkeling, surfing, and relaxing on the beach. Since the coast is vast, it is best to narrow down where exactly you want to go. For example, according to Susurros del Corazón, Punta de Mita is full of great places to eat and other attractions.


When it comes to honeymoon destinations, according to Flytographer, no city is more romanticized than the city of love itself: Paris. Visiting Paris is a great option if you want to avoid beaches, but you still want to partake in an immersive experience. You and your spouse can go on guided tours throughout the city or simply walk around during the day. At night, you both can dine at one of the finest restaurants in all of France with a great view of the Eiffel Tower.

When you are planning your second honeymoon, you should not settle for anything less than what you and your spouse want. This is a time to celebrate your love and dedication to each other. So go ahead and book your flight for the best vacation of your lives!


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