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Planks- great for everything

By Leslee Jaquette
plankTwo of my favorite work-everything-exercises are the plank and the lunge. Both can be modified, added-to and enhanced. Take a few minutes to add these to your cardio workout.

The Plank

Many of us prefer to start the plank position with our forearms on the ground with hands clasped in front. This gives us a sturdy base and doesn’t impact the wrists. Start alternating holding the body in a straight position for 15-seconds, then, down for 15 seconds. Gradually build up to holding plank for one-minute.
When you are ready for more work, try the plank: reach and pulse – Get into the plank position with forearms down, hands clasped, legs about hip-width apart. Lift right foot and bend right leg close to 90 degrees. Raise leg as high as possible. Then, pulse up and down 30 times. Repeat with left leg and don’t forget to squeeze you glutes!