Portlanders favor parks bond

(Portland, OR) –A new survey released in June shows Portland residents strongly support a possible parks replacement bond.
Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Portland Parks & Recreation commissioned DHM Research to conduct a representative telephone survey of Portlanders.  The survey shows that, once Portlanders find out that a replacement bond would not increase tax rates and would fund some of the most critical repairs to our parks system, more than 65% are supportive.
“I am cautiously optimistic that the survey indicates Portlanders may be willing to invest in crucial repairs to our Parks facilities,” said Commissioner Fritz.  “I find it heartening that Portlanders recognize the need for investment. Still, we need to do more work to finalize our recommendation on whether to proceed with a bond replacement.”
“We have a nationally recognized parks system because of a 150 year legacy of public stewardship,” says Portland Parks & Recreation Director Mike Abbaté.  “I am pleased that the commissioner is having serious discussions on the critical maintenance needs across our parks system, including replacing aging playgrounds, fixing unsafe trails, and other major repairs which currently lack funding.”
Replacing the expiring bond would generate an estimated $56-$68 million to fund critical repairs, such as:

  • The replacement of deteriorating playgrounds, including the Couch Park structure serving the Metropolitan Learning Center (MLC) Portland Public school, which recently had to be removed due to potentially catastrophic failure
  • Reopening and stabilizing trails such as the closed Maple Trail in Forest Park
  • Repairing community swimming pools to prevent emergency closures and extend usable life
  • Ensuring that more facilities and natural areas are safe and accessible to all, including people with disabilities
  • Making repairs and protecting worker safety at Mount Tabor Yard
  • Making much-needed structural repairs to Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • Making other major maintenance repairs like restoring restrooms, fixing leaking roofs, and more