Program focuses on ‘functional fitness’

LAKE OSWEGO – EncompassHealth & WellnessCenter introduces a program designed to help men and women achieve functional fitness.
The 8 Weeks of Health and Wellness begins with an initial consultation to determine current body composition, eating habits and stressors contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle. Dr. Kris Pollack and his team will create an individualized plan for each patient.
Each Monday evening new patients will meet at the Encompass Health and WellnessCenter for a 30-minute orientation. After registering for the program, each patient first undergoes a 14-point exam, including blood work, body composition testing to ensure the most accurate information and receives a “Wellness Score.”
The score is determined measuring core flexibility, core strength, fat mass, muscle endurance, step test, CRP-High Sensitivity, HbA1C, Triglyceride/HDL Ratio, Diastolic BP, Resting HR, Revelar, Cervical Lordosis, NDI-Neck Disability Index and an X-ray analysis.
Then a 30-minute workout is designed to help get patients’ heart rate up, while strengthening and conditioning the entire body.
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