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Regularly Check Your Blood Pressure

blood press 1The last time I visited a doctor, I felt like I was on the set of StarTrek. My temperature was taken by a swipe and my blood pressure by a dainty cuff around my arm. No stethoscope needed, no nurse counting beats.
Still, testing blood pressure is very important. It tests the force of the blood against your arteries when the heart beats (systolic) and when it rests (diastolic).
What is normal?
Account of 120/80 is considered normal. Chronic high blood pressure (140/90 or more) can increase your risk of stroke and other conditions. You have probably noticed that BP can vary throughout the day. For example, rushing through traffic, finding a parking spot and running into the doctor’s office can cause what is called “white coat hypertension.
If you see your BP is extra high at the doctor’s perhaps he/she will ask you to wear a monitor for some 40 readings over a 24-hour period. This gives a better indication of your status as well as measures fluctuations at night.
If your BP does not drop when you are sleeping, it is a true sign of hypertension and may require treatment.
Do you get your blood pressure checked at least once every year?

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