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Ride the Albany Carousel

The historic 1900 Albany Carousel has attracted more than 150,000 visitors since its August 15, 2017 opening.

Community volunteers hand-carved each rideable creature including a giraffe, a mermaid-horse and a giant bunny.

The Dentzel family, creators of the Dentzel Carousel, have been major supporters of this project. Marion Dentzel, through the American Carousel Corporation, supplied The Historic Carousel & Museum in Albany, Oregon with the antique 1909 mechanism consisting of 52 animals on three rows. This 50-foot diameter and 24-foot tall carousel mechanism will also carry two chariots, and the inside two rows of animals will be leapers!

William Dentzel III supplied the knowledge to assist in restoration of the mechanism. He has also helped carve the animals.

The Dentzels were the first manufacturer of carousels in America, opening their business in Philadelphia, PA back in 1870. They are a vastly important link to carousels in America and we are fortunate to have their kind support.