Roche Harbor Offers Quiet, Romantic Getaway in Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to visit the San Juan Islands and its premier destination, Roche Harbor Resort. The weather is cool and the breezes stiff. Only a few hardcore cruisers moor at the marina and the crazy summer crowds are a distant memory.
Whether you drive on the Anacortes Ferry and drive yourself to the resort or walk-on the ferry and take a taxi or shuttle, Roche Harbor offers enough pleasures to keep a family or couple busy for a long weekend. With several restaurants, bar, spa, walking trails and hanging out on the dock, the resort provides a perfect getaway for those who love to smell the sea and explore at low tide.
Roche Harbor is one of the few places on San Juan Island with rooms directly on the shoreline.  It has more than 25 accommodations within 100 feet of the Salish Sea waters, and without roads or cars between you and the natural beauty you’re looking for in the islands.
Harbor View Condos and Lagoon View
Nestled on the forested shoreline just a few minutes walk from the resort center, the Harbor View condos offer all the tranquility you’re seeking on the island.  These accommodations were built 30 years ago and feature useful amenities like king beds, living and dining rooms, and fully equipped kitchens.  One-bedroom units are a basic, affordable option for couples staying a few nights, while the two- and three-bedroom options add on larger spaces with multiple bathrooms for everyone to have their own area.
Harborview rooms have better views of the marina and water than the lagoon-view accommodations.
McMillin Suites perfect for romance
Four deluxe suites occupy a historic home perched on a bluff overlooking the harbor.  Spacious decks have magnificent sunset views, perfect for ending the day on a romantic note.  These accommodations are classically decorated and feature comfortable sitting areas, king beds, oversize bathrooms with heated floors and claw foot tubs.  All suites are pet-friendly.
Hotel de Haro’s Historic Rooms
These simple, historic hotel rooms in our Hotel de Haro feature all the charm of yester-year and close proximity for easy access to all resort amenities.  All guestrooms offer a comfortable sleeping environment in small spaces with the convenience of a wash basin in the room.  Many rooms feature furniture original to the hotel from its inception in 1886.
NOTE: Only 4 of the 20 hotel rooms have toilets or showers in the room.  Access to four shared bathrooms are down the hallway – reminiscent of a traditional 19th-century layout.  Only the four suites have private bathrooms.
Driving to Roche Harbor
If you’re leaving from the US, Anacortes is going to be your destination before boarding the ferry.  Once there, you’ll purchase a round-trip ticket to Friday Harbor, which is the only ferry terminal on San Juan Island.  After disembarking the ferry, Roche Harbor is a short, 20-minute drive through rural farmland and forests.
Map directions from your starting point to the Anacortes Ferry Terminal.
Map directions from the Friday Harbor ferry terminal to Roche Harbor’s check-in area.
Be sure to check the ferry schedule to find out what options you have for the trip over to the island.  Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to miss the boat, so be sure to show up 60-90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to increase your odds of making the sailing.
Parking at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal
During the summer months the ferry wait on weekends can be up to two hours, so many people decide to drive to the Anacortes ferry terminal, park at the terminal, and then walk on to the ferry.  Shuttles and taxis run throughout the day from Friday Harbor (disembarkation) to Roche Harbor.
PO Box 4001, 248 Reuben Memorial Drive, Roche Harbor, WA 98250
(800) 451-8910
(360) 378-2155
Why do you love to getaway to Roche Harbor? Do you love the old Hotel de Haro?

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