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San Juan Salmon Continue to Bite

By Kevin Kline
Ahh, October. It’s one of my favorite months: deer in the fields, football on the fields, coho in the salt, and runnin’ up the rivers. It’s a great time of year in the islands, with a month left for fishing.
September ended up pretty good. We got one last whack at crab and unclipped Chinook this past weekend. Remember, this year in MA 7, no retention of unclipped Kings or Coho starting Oct. 1st. Crab is now closed. Check the WDFW regulations for more info.
I got slammed off the ‘rigger by a hot fish last week that put up a heckuva fight. I had 160’ of cable out, so I figured it was a big “kang.” It made some big surface runs. When I got it up close to the boat, it was bright, but had what looked like faint tiger stripes on it’s sides…WTH?
Sure ‘nuf, it was a chum of about 20lbs. Canines like a Schnauzer. Looks like you can retain Chumlee’s beginning Oct. 1st. Hey neighbor I don’t like, want some fresh salmon?!
These rains have brought the Coho in. Sunday, we got into a hot bite. Seems like the grade is smaller up here this year, just like down in the Sound. Hopefully, we’ll see a shot of bigger silvers come through.
Checkout these pictures:
1_kevnbetty 1. This 27-lb White Fraser brute fell to a Hootchie. And, yeah, it’s actually 26.8lbs, weighed on a new scale. Funny how camera angle, and the way a fish is being held can make it look bigger or smaller. This is, of course, taken from a longer distance away that most pics. Some tourists were nice enough to take the picture.
2_frank2. Frank Guard caught this Chinook on a Silver Horde White Lightnin’ Coho Killer. Those things just flat out fish!
3. We landed on some pretty good crabbing the last weekend of the season. It made for a good Sunday feast.
Bio for Kevin Klein – Fishing Columnist
3_kkrabBorn and raised in Washington, Kevin Klein has been fishing since childhood. From the rivers and lakes of Washington, Idaho and Oregon to Alaska and Mexico, you will find Kevin chasing everything from salmon, trout and steelhead to halibut, lingcod, and sturgeon.
A writer for many media outlets around the Northwest, Kevin loves to share his lifelong passion with everyone from novice to expert anglers in hopes of drawing more people into this great outdoor pastime.
Since 2004, Kevin has made his home in Friday Harbor in the beautiful San Juan Islands. When he is not busy with his daily job of barging propane gas to the islands, you’ll find him advocating for salmon enhancement and sport fishing issues around the Northwest.
Kevin is a regular salmon fishing competitor, who founded the popular Resurrection Salmon Derby in the San Juans. Most weekends he can be found on his boat with friends and family, looking for a big king salmon and a good story to tell about it…with pictures of course!

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