Sculpture depicts 'importance of balance'

A new sculpture depicting the “importance of balance” in a community with deep roots in agriculture
and equal commitment to modern industry and commerce was unveiled in July at the Fife History Museum, located at 2820 54th Avenue next to Dacca Park.
Artist Eric Holdener, a resident of Olympia, was selected from call-to-artist submissions. He received
$5,000 in public arts funding from the City of Fife for the interactive sculpture. According to Holdener,
his father was raised in the area, so he was more than delighted to create a piece of artwork which
would salute the area where his family had its early roots.
Molly Wilmoth, Managing Director of the Museum, said the unveiling will be the first collaborative event
between the two organizations, and is expected to be attended by board members, commissioners,
museum members, and other important representatives in the community.
“We were thrilled to be selected to display a new sculpture, especially a piece that so clearly depicts
Fife’s rich history and its progressive shift toward more industrial endeavors,” said Molly Wilmoth, managing director of the museum.
For innformtion, call (253) 896.4710 or visit the museum’s Facebook page at Fife History Museum.