Sing the bluegrass at Bellevue’s Wintergrass Music Festival

Grab your guitar, bass fiddle or mouth harp and join the jam at this year’s Wintergrass Music Festival at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue from Feb. 23-26. I can guarantee this ho-down is more fun than a basket of squirrels or monkeys or fiddle players!
Wintergrass is a family-friendly Bluegrass music festival, with concerts and dances at 4 different stages. There are also two Academies, workshops, impromptu jams, and a chance to see and hear some great music.
Who is Acoustic Sound?
It is a non-profit organization committed to making sure good music is a part of your world. Acoustic Sound is committed to preserving and promoting traditional acoustic American music through presentation and education, with special attention given to the bluegrass music community. We also are dedicated to maintaining reasonable prices for our events in order to keep Bluegrass accessible.