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Speaking of Presidents’ Day

george-washington-inn-frontWho would have thought, but there it is off Washington Highway 101 on the far side of Sequim. It’s a full-scale model of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon.
The same outside dimensions as the original, Dan and Janet Abbott’s George Washington Inn is amazing to behold, according to a recent article in the “Seattle Times.”
Author Brian J. Cantwell describes the interior, the inn’s library has books about George Washington and the colonial period. Each of the five guest rooms is named for a period such as the Surveyor’s Retreat or the Presidential Suite.
Here is some helpful information:
Where: 939 Finn Hall Road, Port Angeles (on the western edge of Sequim). 360-452-5207;
Northwest Colonial Festival: July 15-17 – Reenactors & fun.
Lodging: Rates run from $235/night, two night minimum stay. Multicourse breakfast included.