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The form below is for our website event calendar. We are always looking for local events for the readers on our website. If you have an event or know of an event that might be of interest to our readers simple send us the information.

Here are our guidelines for submitting:

  1. 1. Post only Pacific Northwest region events.
  2. 2. Limit text to a maximum of 300 words.
  3. 3. reserves the right to edit any submission for language, clarity, grammar, length, appropriate content and demographic appeal.
  4. 4. We make no promise of inclusion in, and we make no promise about when or for what duration any submission may be posted.
  5. 5. All events must include the event date, time and brief description. Include ONE link for ticket purchases or further information.

[symple_highlight color=”yellow”]*All events must include the event date, time and brief description.[/symple_highlight]

  • Use the description field to give us the event details. Include any links for ticket purchases or to learn more.

  • We allow up to 3 images with each post

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