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Summerfest, World’s Longest Garage Sale comes to Long Beach

astoria bridgeThis year the Astoria Music Festival theme, Celebration of Heroes, will highlight the works of Beethovan to David Bowie during the event’s 14th season, June 17 – July 3.

Some of the headliners include:

ANGELA MEADE returns with an All-Star cast to reprise her sensational depiction of Leonora in Verdi’s dramatic IL TROVATORE, currently Standing Room Only at the Metropolitan Opera.
SERGEY ANTONOV scales the heights of the ELGAR CELLO CONCERTO, a monumental romantic work for our Cello Hero and Orchestra.
DAVID BOWIE will be memorialized with the NW Premiere of SYMPHONY NO. 4 “HEROES” by America’s most popular composer PHILIP GLASS. Based on the rocker’s hit album “Heroes,” the symphony melds Pop and Contemporary Classical languages in an unforgettable way. Don’t miss this exciting premiere.
BEETHOVEN’S SYMPHONY NO. 3 “THE HEROIC,” will raise the Liberty Theater’s roof. This work changed music history.

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