Outdoor Activities

San Juan Salmon Continue to Bite

By Kevin Kline Ahh, October. It’s one of my favorite months: deer in the fields, football on the fields, coho in the salt, and runnin’ up the rivers. It’s a great time of year in the islands, with a month left for fishing. September ended up pretty good. We got one last whack at crab and unclipped […]


Savor the San Juans the Month of October

October is a wonderful month to visit the San Juan Islands. The weather is feeling refreshingly “fallish” and the frenetic boating season is over. It is also time to savor the San Juans during the entire month of October when the 7th Annual ‘Savor the San Juans – A Month-long Medley of Food, Farms & Art’ takes place. For […]


Dungeness is back on the peninsula

Each October foodies and fun-seekers from across the United States and as far away as Finland descend upon the scenic Olympic Peninsula to partake in a grand celebration of the coveted crustacean that derives its name from the town where it was first commercially harvested back in 1848 — Dungeness. The 13th annual Dungeness Crab […]