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The Space Needle Can Be A Great Seattle Attraction

So you’ll be taking a holiday vacation to Seattle and you’re wondering exactly what Seattle attractions you really want to make sure and enjoy while you’re there, you will have a great deal of alternatives to select from. Seattle is a wonderful city up in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest and it has some wonderful sights, however there are a few spots that are must-sees for everyone traveling to the city.
In addition to amazing restaurants and exciting sporting events for a lot of professional teams, ensure that you try and fit in a few of these great sights. It will take a bit of research to study what your alternatives are, but in the end you will be glad you took the time to find these places.
The Space Needle is probably the most well known Seattle attractions. The Space Needle was built back in 1962 and stands 605 feet tall. It has an observation deck at 520 feet plus a restaurant at 500 feet. The restaurant is famous for the fact that it revolves and offers diners a constantly changing 360 degree view of the city as they dine. Make sure that you do not miss going to this popular landmark while in Seattle.
No trip to popular Seattle attractions can be full without a visit to the Seattle Aquarium. The Aquarium can be found on Pier 59 on the waterfront and has a lot of displays on the sea life in the Pacific Northwest. Several displays provide a glimpse of indigenous Washington sea life inside their natural habitat. In some other displays, divers take to the waters and communicate with guests while underwater. This aquarium provides many other exhibits that will keep you interested for hours.
Of all of the Seattle attractions, the one that you really shouldn’t miss is the Pacific Science Center. The Pacific Science Center has numerous displays and exhibitions that have something for anyone. As an example, parents and children alike will love watching a show inside the IMAX Theater. The Pacific Science Center features two screens, one of these is sixty ft tall and 80 ft wide, the other is 35 feet high and 60 ft wide. Both offer remarkable views and sounds and an unbelievable theater-going experience.
The Science Center also offers a planetarium, live science shows as well as a laser dome. There is also quite a few permanent displays such as the butterfly house, insect village, animal exhibits and much more. This really is an attraction where you can learn while getting entertained.
If you are visiting Seattle and love studying wildlife and nature, then you definately want to consider the Woodland Park Zoo, which is among the Seattle attractions that will have something of great interest to everybody. The Woodland Park Zoo has about 1000 animals representing almost 300 diverse species. The zoo also has numerous birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles and a lot more. Additionally, they offer regular programs meant to teach a little more about the creatures and wildlife in the zoo. You also get the opportunity to ride on a historic 1918 vintage hand-crafted carousel.
When you have a significant amount of info on a couple of Seattle attractions, make sure you go to at least one, but if you are extremely efficient about it, you can view them all during your upcoming visit to the amazing city of Seattle. Checking out interesting attractions like these will make enduring memories for your friends and family.
While you are travelling to Washington there are many Seattle tourist attractions attractions that your family will enjoy. Some of the most famous attractions are the Space Needle and the Seattle Aquarium. Find something for everyone when you are visiting Seattle.