Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park ~ Portland Area Fun for the Fearless

by Nancy Thompson @ Just a Backpack and a Rollie
Feeling adventurous?
A short drive from Portland out near the little town of Gaston, sits one of Oregon’s coolest hidden gems.  It’s the Pacific Northwest after all. We’ve got trees.  We love outdoor adventure. So it was only a matter of time before some brilliant mind came up with a Tree to Tree Adventure Park.  A day of heart thumping fun for the whole family.
treetotree2Upon arrival and check in, you will be outfitted with safety gear, given an introductory lesson by a trained staff member and taken to “Base Camp” where your adventure begins on the grade level course. Once you feel comfortable at Base Camp, you can move on to a lower course with ladders, wobbly bridges, tight ropes, tunnels, zip lines and more. From there, discover different paths to follow and see how far you want to venture out of your comfort zone. The elements get higher and more challenging with each level. The sky’s the limit.  Well, almost.
Ready for more? Take a thrill ride down one or all of Woody’s six extreme ziplines including one that is 1280′ long, a bridge and a 40′ rappel. Not for the feint of heart!
Security is of utmost importance to the folks at Tree to Tree. Rest assured that you will be fully secured by your harness at all times…so there are thrills and chills without the spills.
It’s not cheap but this will definitely be a day you, your friends and family will be talking about for a long time.  In my book, that’s money well spent.
Reservations are required.
Obstacle Course – from $32 (kids) to $48 (adults) for three hours
Zip Line – $75
Combo (the works) – from $97 to $113.
10% discount for military and gutsy seniors.
Call 503 357-0109 or visit their website for all the details
They even have a special course just for kids.  What a great place to work off a little family/sibling rivalry.  Everyone goes home too tired and happy to argue over who has to sit in the middle seat.
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