Visit a treasure trove of covered bridges

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Mosby Creek Covered Bridge, Cottage Grove
Covered bridge aficionados from across the United States will converge on the “Covered Bridge Capital of the West” Aug. 26-28 in the Oregon counties of Lane, Linn and Marion.
More than a few residents may be unaware of the treasure trove of covered bridges in south Lane County, but the members of the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges are keenly aware.  Over the three-day event, attendees are scheduled to view 21 bridges in Lane, Linn and Marion counties.
Learning more about the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges is quick and easy. Their website is easy to navigate and contains information about covered bridges from coast to coast. Their Central Oregon Tour flyer contains all the information about how to join the group and learn about the history of these beautiful structures.
Bill Caswell, Society President, noted,While the eastern bridges were mostly designed in the late 1800’s for passenger and light commercial traffic, Oregon’s bridges were designed with logging trucks in mind and are therefore much more substantial in size than those most of us are accustomed to seeing.  In Oregon, covered bridge building also continued long after most other states had switched to steel and concrete.  The abundance of materials and experienced labor made it more economical to build bridges out of wood until the 1950’s.”