Visitors enjoy milder summer weather in Sedona

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As the summer months bring sweltering temperatures to many destinations in Arizona, Sedona provides a refreshing oasis of relatively mild weather and profound natural beauty.  Summer visitors to the land of the red rocks will enjoy the tranquility of fewer crowds, as well as lower hotel rates compared to busier tourist seasons.
Sedona’s elevation of 4,500 feet contributes to its cooler temperatures, which, in the summer, range from average lows in the 60s to highs in the 90s.  This climate allows guests to comfortably experience most of the activities that the area has to offer, such as exploring the rugged terrain with a jeep tour, browsing the diverse collection of shops and art galleries, or savoring world-class cuisine on restaurant patios during the cool evenings.
While afternoon heat may compromise the appeal of Sedona’s many hiking trails, visitors can still easily enjoy these trails on early morning hikes.  Those who do decide to hike in the middle of the day should be particularly vigilant to wear sunscreen, bring more than enough water, and avoiding trails when monsoon rains are forecasted.
One of the most popular summer attractions in the Sedona area is Oak Creek Canyon.  Under the shade of the canyon’s towering trees, visitors can explore hiking trails and Slide Rock State Park.  The heart of Slide Rock State Park is a smooth natural water slide that gently descends into a swimming hole.  During the summer, the water in the creek is cool enough to provide refreshment from the heat but not as icy as it throughout most of the year.  Therefore, visitors during the warmer months will enjoy sliding down this unique natural attraction or simply relaxing on the banks of the creek and admiring the scenery that surrounds it.
HummingbirdThroughout the year, Sedona hosts numerous festivals and other events appealing to a wide range of interests.  One of the most intriguing events of the summer is the Sedona Hummingbird Festival.  Hosted by the Hummingbird Society, this festival is scheduled from July 28-30, 2017 to correspond with the time of year that Sedona experiences its largest and most diverse hummingbird population.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about these fascinating, tiny creatures from international experts, including scientists, photographers, gardeners, rehabilitators, and more.
Visitors who arrive late in the summer can experience events such as the Sedona Bike and Brew Festival, the Sedona Book and Arts Festival, and the Fiesta de Tlaquepaque. The El Portal Sedona Hotel offers luxurious suites within walking distance to Tlaquepaque.The boutique hotel features a courtyard and large great room and personalized concierge services. For information, go to