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What to Do When You Become an Empty Nester

Having your last child leave home is a bittersweet moment. It’s exciting to see them heading off on their own, but now you need to get used to a lifestyle that no longer includes them. As you become an empty nester, you may be wondering what changes you may want to make and what you should do now.  

Dedicate More Time to Traveling

Without any more kids in the house to be responsible for, you can begin pursuing different hobbies and activities with just you and your spouse. Traveling with your spouse is an activity that can be a lot of fun. You can explore local areas or you could even go on trips around the world. Your travel can be dedicated to just you and your spouse and you don’t need to worry about entertaining teenagers or making arrangements to leave them at home. You have fewer responsibilities to address and you can go on trips just to enjoy yourself. As an empty nester, you have more independence, so why not see the world?

Downsize Your Home

Once it’s just you and your spouse, you may quickly realize that your current home is larger than what you need. You don’t need as many bedrooms or as much space in general. If you have lots of empty space, it could be time to downsize. Now is the perfect time to look for a place that suits the needs of you and your spouse. You can find a smaller home that has just enough room for the two of you and perhaps an extra room for visitors. You could also find an apartment if you would prefer. Take some time to explore other housing options until you find one that suits you.

Spend More Time Socializing

As a parent, you dedicate a lot of time to your kids, and you don’t have many opportunities to be social on your own. Now that it’s just you and your spouse, you can spend more time socializing. To start off, you might want to reconnect with some old friends and work on strengthening those relationships. You can also take this opportunity to make new friends. You could do this by joining classes or getting involved in group activities. Having a good social network can make your life more enjoyable as you enter this next phase of your life.

Once you’re an empty nester, you’ll likely have a lot more time on your hands and fewer responsibilities to manage. You can fill your life with things that you want to do. Start exploring your new opportunities.

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